University of Georgia
July 2014
Global Connections
Striking global partnerships

UGA Provost Pamela Whitten (left) and Provost Steve Holloway from University of Liverpool signed an agreement between UGA and the University of Liverpool in May to deepen ongoing collaborations by specifying joint research activities, faculty and staff exchanges and graduate student exchanges.

Striking global partnerships

UGA is building alliances with institutions around the world.

UGA has approximately 200 formal partnerships with universities and institutions around the world. This helps facilitate collaborative research, student and faculty mobility and joint curriculum or degrees.

“International partnerships are crucial in advancing UGA’s teaching, research, and outreach missions,” said Kavita Pandit, associate provost for international education. “Faculty research is enriched through international collaborations, and international partnerships allow access to a broader range of funding sources for research.”

UGA has student exchange agreements with over 50 universities around the world. The exchanges provide students with immersive educational and intercultural experiences. UGA also partners with universities and institutions around the world to provide training programs for professionals in different fields, which promote the university’s outreach mission.

UGA is working with Babeş-Bolyai University in Romania across many different fields. Faculty in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication have conducted training programs for Romanian journalists and journalism educators. UGA chemistry faculty have been working with Babeş-Bolyai colleagues to develop computational inorganic chemistry, resulting in numerous publications in leading chemical journals. The Carl Vinson Institute of Government has conducted a post-academic training program for Romanian public administrators in collaboration with the College of Political Sciences and Public Administration of Babes-Bolyai University. Additionally, faculty from the School of Public and International Affairs are working with Babeş-Bolyai faculty to explore best practices for governments in transition.

UGA faculty have engaged in collaborative research at University of Cape Coast in Ghana to examine models for teaching large classes. They have also provided guidance for professional development for Cape Coast faculty. A new reciprocal student exchange with University of Cape Coast will send UGA students to learn about Ghana and Ghanaian culture.

Recently, UGA developed a student exchange program with Sogang University in South Korea. Additionally, through Sogang University’s Korean Studies Summer Program, UGA students can experience traditional and modern Korean culture and receive intensive Korean language instruction in a short-term format.

UGA has a longstanding student exchange with Universidad de Montevideo in Uruguay. Participants from UGA have the opportunity to engage in the Intercultural Contact Project where they provide English lessons to teenagers and young people in less affluent areas of Montevideo, as well as other university-led volunteer social programs.