University of Georgia
March 2015
Innovation Gateway sees major growth in health field

Richard Meagher, Distinguished Research Professor of Genetics in UGA’s Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, is the principal investigator for a team of researchers that received a $670,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to work on a new method to isolate fat cells and analyze the genetic changes in obese fat that may contribute to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other obesity-related diseases.

UGA technologies improve health and well-being

Pharmaceutical and biotech products are top UGA technology categories.

Agricultural products such as peanuts, blueberries and turf grasses lead the list of new products emerging from UGA research, but pharmaceutical and biotech products that improve health and well-being are the fastest growing UGA product categories.

Some of the technologies developed at UGA and available to license from UGA’s Innovation Gateway:

Better Vaccines: A UGA researcher has identified methods to increase production of vaccines for viral diseases, including polio and influenza, by genetically engineering cell lines. This discovery could increase access to badly needed vaccines by lowering production costs. → Read more…

New Rabies Treatment: UGA researchers have successfully tested a new treatment on mice that cures the disease even after the virus has spread to the brain. → Read more…

Drug-Resistant TB Treatment: UGA researchers have developed a new small molecule drug that might serve as a treatment against multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis—and HIV. → Read more…

Fighting Fat: Researchers are analyzing genetic changes in obese fat that may contribute to diabetes, and other obesity-related diseases. → Read more…

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