University of Georgia
November 2015
The Arts
The Arts
UGA Arts Council shines<br> a big Spotlight on the Arts

UGA Arts Council shines
a big Spotlight on the Arts

More than 50 events put a focus on the wide range of arts-related education on campus.

Museum marks<br> three decades<br> of sharing art

Museum marks
three decades
of sharing art →

Family Day at the Georgia Museum of Art prompts children to participate in the artistic process.

Learning the art<br>      of storytelling

↑ Learning the art
     of storytelling

For Ph.D. student Gabrielle Lucia Fuentes, the Creative Writing Program has opened up opportunities to share her artistic voice. Her first novel is nearing completion.

So what mask<br> do you wear?

So what mask
do you wear?

First-Year Odyssey class explores how tradition and masks intersect in modern society.

Infographic Infographic Infographic Infographic