University of Georgia
December 2015
Best of 2015
Best of 2015
UGA scientist refutes<br> climate change skeptics

UGA scientist refutes
climate change skeptics

Marshall Shepherd is on a mission to fight the "zombie theories." His battle strikes a chord.

'The power of thank you' goes viral

'The power of thank you' goes viral →

Thanks to Reddit, UGA research linking gratitude to positive marital outcomes is read and debated by more than 180,000 people.

Dining commons<br>     go trayless

↑ Dining commons
    go trayless

UGA is saving water and cutting wasted food through a new program. The cost savings are being passed along to meal plan customers.

Uga IX takes Bulldog Nation<br> to outer space

Uga IX takes Bulldog Nation
to outer space

How in the world did Uga IX and the Arch end up on Mars?

Infographic Infographic Infographic Infographic